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    Martin is an independent audio specialist based in Bellingham, Washington. Holding a BA in Audio Technology and Sound Design from Western Washington University, as well as a Certificate in Audio Production from the University of Washington. His modern and imaginative soundscapes push the boundaries of sonic perspective without sacrificing authenticity. His work can be described as eclectic—cinematic at times— with a solid amalgamation of digital and analog components, both well-grounded and inventive. He is Executive Producer for River’s Reach Podcast series and expresses a widespread proficiency in audio technology and composition. Expanding beyond Audio Production his artistic intuition stretches into various facets of media production; constantly evolving and learning new technology allows his work to bring nuance to a creative world that aims to mirror the image of another. His out-of-the box thinking, unique perspective and tenacity makes him the catalyst for any organization to propagate their brand through media production. He has a contagious energy and values wholesome relationships shown clearly through his ability to exceed client’s expectations. Marty is a family man who welcomes community involvement and collaboration with an emphasis on inclusion. Media Production is changing quickly with his proven track record and innovative approach to media production, continuing to break new ground on any media project. 

Martin Ayres 


Audio Specialist